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Benefits of the Indoor Rower

We can’t discuss the Benefits of the Indoor Rower without taking a quick glimpse back to where it all started. Rowing machines have come a long way since they were originally used as military training devices to teach inexperienced oarsmen how to row. And it was only in 1872 when W.B Curtis patented the first indoor Rower that we started using the rower to stay in shape. This rower was however still a far cry from the Indoor Rower we know and love today, as it had no way of measuring the output that athletes produced and also lacked a vital part of an indoor rower – mimicking the motion of actual outdoor rowing.  Luckily for us, fast forward a few years and the the rower has undergone many changes and new innovations to get where it is today – one of the most effective cardio machines in the gym.


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So why do we love the Indoor Rower so much?  One of the many reasons is that it provides a killer cardio workout and simultaneously increases your strength and endurance. This amazing machine is also great for toning and works various muscle groups in your body.

Additional benefits of the indoor rower include:

  • Quick and Easy workout – so easy that almost anyone can do it.
  • Allows for a Low Impact workout, which in turn reduces risk of injury.
  • Provides a high intensity workout with high calorie burn potential.
  • Come rain or shine, your rowing workout won’t be affected by the weather, which enables you to row as and when you like.


So the next time you find yourself standing in that long queue at the gym waiting for a specific cardio piece, rather hop onto an indoor rower and reap the benefits of this fat-burning, total-body-workout machine.

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