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Choosing the Right Home Gym equipment:

An increasing amount of people are opting to train at home these days, rather than at a gym. It’s more convenient, you don’t have to wait for machines and it is cheaper in the long run. Everyone has their dream home gym in mind, but many people struggle when it comes to choosing the best home gym equipment

The problem being that there are literally thousands of home gym equipment brands out there, all promising the same thing. But at the end of the day, as consumer, all you want to know is what is the best home gym equipment you can get without paying a fortune.

What is Your Home Gym Equipment Budget

The size and variety of your home gym is really determined by the size of your budget. Let’s not butter it up – home gym equipment, especially the good kind, isn’t cheap. If you are looking to buy fitness equipment that will last you years, providing you with little hassle and lots of comfort, then  be prepared to spend a little.

It’s like buying a pair of running shoes: you can buy a cheap pair, which will save you money but they wont last long or provide you with comfort whilst running. Or you can spend a little more and buy a really nice pair of running shoes because they will last longer, and they will make your run a much more pleasurable experience.

The bottom line here is that you get what you pay for.

The real skill lies in finding decent equipment at a decent price. So although you may want to avoid spending a lot of money, you don’t always want to go for the cheapest option either.

Home gym equipment

What Exercise Do You Enjoy?

Do what you love, it’s that simple. If you are going to spend a good amount of money on gym equipment for your home, make sure you stock your gym with equipment that you will use day in and day out.

If you love running, invest in a really good treadmill, and if you love cycling then get a spinning bike. The convenience of having a quality treadmill or spinning bike in your home is immeasurable, especially when you have to train early mornings before work.

Avoid buying gym equipment that you will use once and never again; make sure you get the most out of your equipment.

What Space Do You Have Available

Some exercise equipment can take up more space than you think.

If you have a small corner in your bedroom, you will need to make sure that the equipment you buy will fit into that space. However, if you are going to be putting your workout equipment in the garage or if you have a large room dedicated to exercise, you will be able to purchase a larger machine.

Use a 2D floor planner like that offered by Matrix Fitness to plan your fitness space accurately. You will be able to see exactly how much equipment can fit and where.

Home Workout Equipment – Some of the Options You Have

  1. The Treadmill

Product_Adventure_5_Plus_Horizon_TreadmillThe treadmill burns the most calories of the cardiovascular machines available at most gyms, and is one of the most popular home gym equipment choices. The best way to buy a treadmill is to try it out. Most suppliers will have a showroom where you can test equipment. Go shopping in your running shoes, get on that machine and test it out – be sure to listen to how noisy the motor is and how stable it when running on it.

Beware of cheap treadmill brands as they have inferior ‘running boards’ and suspension systems, leading to unstable performance and this can cause running injuries such as shin splints and patellar tendonitis. You get what you pay for so be sure to invest good time and money in buying a decent treadmill that will last you years and give little hassle

Our Recommendation: Horizon Adventure 7


  1. Elliptical Machines and Stair Steppers

S7xi_Stepper_2These machines are rather ‘pricey’ and thus not found in your average home gym. However they are slightly better for the joints and because you use them in a standing position, you’re using lots of muscle mass, so the calorie burn rate is still pretty high.

View more information on Ellipticals  HERE.

View more information on Steppers HERE.

Our Recommendation: Matrix E1x Elliptical

  1. Stationary Bikes 

Product_U7XI_CycleMost experts agree that the stationary bike offers the workout with the least impact on the joints. People with knee pain are often steered toward these bikes, since the impact of body weight is not a concern as it is on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stair stepper.

If you are a big cycling enthusiast, whether it’s road or mountain biking, we would recommend investing a little more in a Spinning bike. Many professionals have a spinning bike on hand for convenient training sessions.

Our Recommendation: Vision VU60 Upright Bike

  1. Rowing Machines

Matrix New Rower

This is another great piece of home gym equipment. It provides you with a full body workout and because you must push with the legs while you pull with the arms, rowers require coordination. They also require you to engage your core abdominal muscles to support and protect your back.

Rowers are convenient as most brands fold up, allowing for easy storage.

Our Recommendation: Matrix Rower

  1. Weight Machines & Multi-Gyms

Product_MX12_PHOTO_G3_MSFT300_400_HEROMost people opt for free weights in their home gym, and whilst this might save you some money it is far safer to use a machine. Free weights can cause injuries if not used properly, we recommend training with a partner who can spot you. But our advice is that if you have the money, rather invest in a good multi-gym machine.

Multi-gyms allow you to perform multiple upper-body (and some lower-body) exercises on a single piece of machinery. You will be able to perform many more strength exercises much more safely and effectively with a multi-gym.

Our Recommendation: Matrix Functional Trainer

  1. Accessories

A home gym is not complete without a few key accessories. First and foremost is a yoga mat – this provides you with some cushioning in order to perform bodyweight exercises on the ground.

A gymball is next on the list – this will allow you to perform excellent abdominal exercises without hurting your back.

Many people like to have a Step or Deck (See Reebok Step) in their gym which is also a very useful piece of home gym equipment.

Our Recommendation: Reebok Professional


Our final piece of advice is to take your time when investigating in gym equipment for your home gym. As we mentioned earlier in this article, it isn’t a cheap expedition; therefore take your time and really research the brands you are purchasing, as well as their suppliers as well.

Look at who your suppliers supply equipment to; look at their testimonials and recommendations. Be sure to enquire about their warranty policies and spares availability. If your treadmill needs a new belt then you don’t want to be waiting for 16 weeks before it is shipped here.