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More than Boot Camp Basics:

Group training is on the rise because nothing else provides the kind of motivation, camaraderie and accountability. Members need to try new things, persevere through tough sessions and keep coming back for more.

Matrix can differentiate your fitness facility’s offering to help you attract new members and retain them in a way only engaging group training can.

It’s as simple as adding these 3 products to your class:


In trinity Bootcamp


The Johnny G In-Trinity Board by Matrix is a groundbreaking incline training platform that builds strength, deepens flexibility and improves balance, coordination and agility. Unique programming draws on multiple disciplines including yoga and martial arts to promote wellness, emphasize mindfulness and breathe new life into traditional practices.


Benefits of Rowing


Take advantage of the growing popularity of rowing in group formats by bringing our sleek, thoughtfully designed rower to your circuit. A compact build offers whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy program adjustment and 10 precise magnetic resistance levels to help members get more out of every workout.

View more information on the Matrix Rower  HERE


 Krank Cycle


Infuse new life into your conventional boot camp training by adding one or two Krankcycles into the rotation . With the addition of an upper-body cardio or strength station, participants can perform heavier lower body exercises for a perfectly balanced total body burn.

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